Meal Menu

  • The NUF House Menu:

    NUF House believes menu planning is an essential part of helping children meet the nutritional needs of a healthy mind and body. With reference to the Canadian Food Guide, we have carefully planned two-rotational menus. At NUF we have a professional chef who cooks hot meals the day of and meets all the needs of every child. NUF House supplies 4 meals per day: Breakfast, Lunch #1, Lunch #2, and Afternoon Snack.

  • Week One:

  • Week Two:

  • *NUF House is a NUT FREE environment and will not accept or allow any nut products in to the child care centre (this includes all products with traces of nut ingredients). If families are providing food products to the centre, it will be required that all products are supplied in the original packaging and must have the statement or logo that the products are made in a nut free environment and do not contain any nut ingredients.

    • Hot Fresh Meals
    • Cooked Daily
    • Balanced Diet
    • Appealing to Young Taste Buds
    • Following Ministry Requirements
    • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • How to Enroll Your Child into NUF House?

  • Questions and Answers
    Can we bring our own milk?

    Yes, NUF House allows for families to bring in their preferred milk and we will serve it to their child.

    How do you regulate fruit/ vegetable consumption?

    All our meals are based on ministry requirements and nutritional requirements for the age groups. Our carefully planned menus are created with the intent to help children grow and develop with healthy meals.

    Do you cook on-site?

    Yes, each location has a cook who prepares fresh food every day. We ensure quality and freshness for every meal.

  • Nutrition Facts
    • Grains235Kcal / 100 g
    • Vegetables175Kcal / 100 g
    • Chicken105Kcal / 100 g
    • Fish125Kcal / 100 g