• How to Enroll Your Child into NUF House?

  • Welcome to NUF House, a fully licensed daycare by the Ministry of Education committed to enriching, educating and caring for your children.

    At NUF House, we go beyond the traditional curriculum, exposing our students to various extracurricular activities, field trips and additional classes. Our priority is to foster an environment where one can grow and learn in comfort and safety with highly qualified professionals. Our highly trained and rigorously selected staff provide parents with the reassurance that their children are in a safe and nurturing environment. We strive to raise well-rounded children with the necessary social skills, ethical comprehension and knowledge to become the change we need in this world.

    • Music

      At NUF we believe in self expression through music. Our students participate in singing, dancing and Kindermusic activities in three languages.

    • Extracurriculars

      Weekly rotational activities help develop social, physical and verbal skills. At NUF we offer: Yoga, Ballet, Sports, chess and many other activities.

    • Field Trips

      At NUF house we provide enriching and educational trips to children’s favourite destinations.

    • Jolly Phonics

      A fun and interactive program used at NUF to learn literacy through synthetic phonics and improve alphabet skills.

  • The NUF House Advantage

    • Freshly Cooked Meals

      With reference to the Canadian Food Guide, we have carefully planned two-rotational menus with hot home-cooked meals to help meet the nutritional needs of the children in our program.

    • Qualified Staff

      Our professional Early Childhood Educators are carefully selected to provide your children with the highest level of comfort, nurturement and education.

    • Linguistic Focus

      Our centre focuses on teaching our children English, French and Russian with interactive lessons which help children develop their memory and listening skills.

    • Enriched Curriculum

      In addition to meeting the government outlined curriculum, we expose our students to STEM programming (science, technology, engineering & math).

  • At NUF House we strive to create an environment where both parents and their children feel comfortable.

    • Safety Precautions

      Our centres are fully loaded with cameras accessible to every parent on their mobile devices.

    • Communication

      We believe in a partnership between teachers and parents. Our staff is constantly uploading pictures to our private groups and keeping the parents updated on their little ones.

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  • Contact Us

    Our locations and contact details
    • NUF House North

      4-10040 Keele St.
      Maple, ON, L6A-1G3
      Phone: 905-303-3202

    • Business Hours

      Monday – Friday
      7:30 am – 6:00 pm
      Weekends: Closed

    • NUF House Academy

      10-80 Glen Shields Ave
      Concord, ON, L4K-1T7
      Phone: 905-738-3917